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Storm Kings Rock n Roll experience
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Storm King's Rock N Roll Experience

storm kings rock and roll experience

Storm King's Rock 'n' Roll Experience

Storm King's Rock n Roll Experience takes you back to the sounds of the fabulous 50's when the quiff was king, the local meeting place was the milk bar and the highlight of the week was the night out at the jive hall. Performing songs by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, Johnny Kidd and many more, Storm will have you bopping on the dance floor.

Storm also performs rock 'n' roll songs from periods other than the 50's - Rock 'n' Roll songs by The Beatles, Mud, Showaddywaddy and others.

Whether you just want to watch the show and listen to the songs or dance the night away Storm will entertain you....LETS HAVE A PARTY!

Prices vary according to area or venue and what day of the week the act is required.

Click on the CD to hear a demo of the Rock n Roll Experience

Rock n Roll Experience Demo CD

Storm King's rock and roll experience

Storm King  male singer

Contact ~ Mob: 0791 4931713

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